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Overview Bloomery Fire

Bloomery Fire 2006

Metallsymposium 2006 - Rennfeuersymposium 2006

Listing of teams

The following teams have registered so far. There is still room for some more.

Thijs van de Manakker, Helenaveen (NL)

A plan is to construct and run a furnace in a discontinued way.

Dr Hermann Josef Drexler & Bernhard Reepen, Greven (D)

”Greven” organised an iron smelting symposium in September 2004. For the present symposium, they kindly provided the bog ore. They have successfully used it over the past few years.

More information at:  http://www.heimatverein-greven.de

Arne Espelund (NO)

I think the "two step-process" may have been the result of an experiment that failed: maybe the smelters took the miserable product and put it into furnace no. 2. It is likely that Fe203 and silica in the ore had been transformed into Fe0 and silicate, which would be ideal as a raw material for the "real" smelting in furnace no. 2, giving metal and slag.

For me it would be excellent if I could work together with 1-2 persons and try to make an experiment leading to mainly slag, without any separation of metal. This product could be put into other furnaces built at your museum. I do not know exactly how the furnace No 1 should look, but will try to develop some idea in the coming week. As we see no archaeological remains of furnace no. 1 it must have been simple. Or they used the furnace no. 2 for two different purposes.

Arne Espelund needs assistance.

He will be present: 13th – 18th with 1 person.

Hans Hage (NL)

A team from Corus, IJmuiden, will join us on Friday and Saturday and construct and run a furnace. Corus is a large ‘metal company’, which includes among others the former British Steel and the Dutch ‘Hoogovens’.

More information at:  http://www.corus.nl

They will be present: 14th – 15th with about 5 persons.

Eddie Daughton (UK)

It is my intention to build and run a Hittite model copper smelter continuously for two days (48 hours) and see if there is (as I suspect) a very small bloom of Iron near the tuyere.

They will be present: 12th – 19th with about 4 persons.

Skip Williams (USA)

Skip Williams will run a furnace, the American way.

More information at:  http://iron.wlu.edu.

They will be present: 13th – 19th with about 2 persons.

Jens Jørgen Olesen (DK)

We run our slag pit furnace of the Sharnbech / Drengsted type with natural draft, maybe combined with short periods, when we use the bellows, while the slag runs into the slag pit. We intend just to use wood, like in the Evenstad furnace.

They will be present: 12th – 18th with about 3 persons.

Georg Petau (D)

Georg Petau organised the iron smelting symposium in 2005. Much information is available at:  www.petau.net

Georg Petau needs assistance.

Raphael Richarz (D)

The team from ”the online Romans” will make a Roman iron smelting furnace. More information about last year’s attendance to the iron smelting symposium from Georg Petau:


They will be present: 14th – 17th with about 2 persons.

Vladimir Sokhonevich (RUS)

Vladimir Skhonevich from St Petersburg is a blacksmith artist and will present a lecture, as described above.

He will be present: 13th – 19th.

Holger Süß (D)

The team comes from Hessen, Germany, and will construct and fire a furnace, typical for their neighbourhood from the 12th – 13th century.

More information about last year’s furnace at:  www.petau.net ? Rennfeuer ? Ofenbauer und Referenten ? 3. Verein für Vorgeschichte.. or directly: http://www.petau.net/english/bloomery-fire/aktuell/aktuell-2005.html

They will be present: 14th – 17th with 3 persons

Wladyslaw Weker (PL)

Reconstruction of the iron metallurgical process in bloomery furnace

The Weker team comes from the National Archaeological Museum in Warsaw, Poland added to which colleagues from the Jagielonian University of Kraków. The team has ample experience in firing furnaces, among others in Biskupin, Poland.

They will be present: 12th – 18th with 4 persons

Jeroen Zuiderwijk (NL)

Jeroen Zuiderwijk will come for the weekend and cast bronze, the Bronze Age way. Among others, Jeroen has gathered experience at Archeon (NL).

He will be present: 16th – 17th.

Erik Schouten (NL)

Wijnand Simons and his colleague, Erik Schouten have much experience in casting bronze, both in Bronze Age and in early medieval way. Their theme for the symposium is: reproduction of early medieval enamel fibulae.

They will be present: 12th – 19th with 2 persons.

Thorsten Helmerking (D)

The title of the Hamburg experiment is: “Prehistoric Bronze Smelting and Foundry”

They will be present: 14th – 18th with 2 persons.

Kinheim (NL)

This metal group will attend but it unsure yet with what activity.

They will probably be present: 14th – 18th with 4 persons.

Emanuela Jochum (CH)

We will try to re-construct an Early Bronze Age casting oven, by using archaeological finds from different sites in central and eastern Europe. As a “back up” we will also bring our Iron Age casting equipment and will do some casts for the reconstruction of an Iron Age belt.

They will be present: 13th – 18th with 4 persons.

Added to this team will probably be Julia Wiecken (UK).

Jens Jørgen Olesen (DK)

Another team from Thisted (besides of the iron smelting team) will be making forms, drying, preheating, and casting.

They will be present: 12th – 18th with 3 persons.

Catalin Oancea (RU)

This team from the National University in Bucharest and the open air museum in Vadastra will experiment with copper and bronze.

They will be present: 10th – 19th with 2 persons.

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