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Baron v. Muenchhausen Monument


Events and Projects

Monument of Freiherr (Baron) of Muenchhausen 2005

A few explanations about the philosophy of the monument:

Muenchhausen stands as joining element on a base comprised of two semi-circles.  One semi-circle is enscribed with "Königsberg" in Latin lettering and the other with "Kaliningrad" in Kyrillic lettering.  As far as I know, this is officially the first time that the name "Königsberg" is used on a recent monument.  The canonball, resembling destruction, is also comprised of two halves.  One half contains documents on Königsberg's, respective Kaliningrad's history and current events.  The other half contains documents of Bodenwerder (city chronicles, national and international newspapers, etc.).

Both halves were welded together and, hence, turn the symbol of mutual destruction (canonball) into the opposite.  The cut-out Muenchhausen symbolizes travelling across borders, just as he did by riding on a canonball.  If the base is torn apart, the ensription on one half reads "Königs-Grad" and the other "Kalinin-Berg", with Latin and Kyrillic lettering mixed up.

Both names describe the city's identity and in standing side by side, they are of equal value.   The monument itself is to be only a small part of "Project Muenchhausen":  bringing friends together and strangers becoming friends.  This is the most important aspect:  that mutual respect continues to develop, that borders are no longer necessary, and that friends don't act against each other.

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